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Loyalty Program

Shop & Earn Points by becoming a member of the DDS Rewards Program. That has been specially designed for you. The more you spend the more you shall earn points and certain benefits.

How It Works

Enrolling into the DDS Ahalan Rewards Program?

  1. Log into the DDS Ahalan website ( using your e-mail.
  2. Register on the website to become a member of the DDS Rewards Program or become a member once you make your first purchase on the DDS Ahlan website.
  3. A customer can also enrol into the program by scanning the QR Code Sticker that has been placed on your favourite products in select supermarkets.
  4. Please do remember to enrol with your mobile number as it will be linked to your points balance and act as your unique ID.

How can one earn Points

1.    Once you have registered you can continue to shop

and start earning DDS Reward points.

2.    You can earn a limited number of welcome/joining points

when you scan and enrol using the QR Code.

Benefits of the DDS Rewards Program

1.    The more you shop, the more you earn.

2.    Collect as many points as possible and redeem them

on future purchases.

3.    Do share details of your birthday and/or anniversary and

we will reward you with bonus points for the occasion. 

What is the value of DDS Reward Points

Every 1 DDS Reward Point = 0.5 Qatari Rial

What are the Rules for Earning

Every 0.5 Qatari Rial you earn 1 DDS Reward Point


E.g 1: If you shop for a product that costs 60 Rials (final bill value) you will earn 30 DDS Reward Points

E.g. 2: If you shop for a product that costs 75 Rials (final bill value) you will earn 38 DDS Reward Points


Points can only be earned on shopping for products that appear on the main pages of its e-com website

What are the Rules for Redemption

  1. Earned points can be redeemed on select products only.
  2. Products will be displayed on the rewards page and can be bought using the points a customer has accumulated.
  3. These items will have a defined points value – to make it easy for customer to exercise their redemption.
  4. The points redemption option will activate only if these products are in the cart

Redemption can / made to happen in two ways

1.    When customer signs into the DDS Ahlan website: 

  1. At the time of checkout customer to enter mobile number in the box provided.
  2. Points balance will be displayed
  3. Customer can choose to redeem the number of points she/he wishes to

2.    If customer visits the DDS Ahlan website as a guest: 

  1. Have option to enter mobile number to facilitate redemption (no log in required) at the time of checkout.
  2. This option will be valid only if the visitor is a customer.
  3. The visitor/customer will need to have a points balance linked to her/his mobile number.

Other Program Rules

When will the points get credited?

  • The DDS Rewards point will get credited 1 day / 1 week after the date of purchase.

Will my points expire?

  • The DDS Reward Point will be valid for 6 months / All purchase-related earned points have a validity of 6 months from the date of being allotted.
  • Any points earned during an offer, or a scheme will have the validity as part of offer terms & conditions.

How does once check point balances?

  • You can log in to the DDS Ahlan website, go to the accounts section and check your point balance.
  • Send a SMS to 123456789 and you will receive the point balance as an SMS.
  • Call the toll-free number 987-654321-000 (between 9 AM – 6 PM) Saturday to Thursday or e-mail us at

Will my points be refunded if I return the products?

Ass per our policy returns of products are not allowed. Hence the points redeemed will not be refunded. (In case the product return has been accepted the value of the product will be added to your wallet tagged to your account).

Will my point be refunded if I cancel my order?

No, the points that you have redeemed will NOT be reversed in case you wish to cancel your online order.

I redeemed points but I want to abandon my cart. What will happen to my redeemed points?

We would advise that you be sure of the purchase you are making while redeeming your points. If the cart gets abandoned, the points will not get reversed into your account. 

In case you are planning to abandon your cart, do remember to note down/save the code that gets generated post submission of the OTP. You can use the code to redeem the points during your next purchase. Please note that company does not keep a track of these codes and we won’t be able to provide you any details later.

Create an account and start unlocking benefits!

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